Ran out of space when accidentally installing a package

I use a TP-Link RE450V2 range extender that had 1.5MB of free space left. Without looking at the space consumed by this package (wpad-openssl), I installed it. Now, I cannot remove the package (since opkg says it is not installed, same thing happens with the dependencies) and only 45kb of free space is left on my device. Any way to remove partially installed dependencies of packages?

backup config and firstboot / reset


Will do, this is unfortunate though since I just got OpenWRT running what I wanted it to around half an hour ago lol. :grinning:

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This is a very bad thing about openwrt, it does not check if there is enough space before trying to install a package

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problem is space information is unreliable, since it's a squashfs, in most cases.
so even if it would check, there's still no guarantee your package will actually fit ...

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