Ramips: Adding OpenWrt support for COMFAST CF-WR754AC

Good day!
I just got a COMFAST CF-WR754AC from a friend. Since COMFAST devices tend to ship with an older version of OpenWrt anyway, I was thinking of flashing a more recent version than 14.07 to it via the web GUI. In doing so, I came across a forum thread that already deals with the device and OpenWrt support. As described in the thread, the WavLink WL-WN575A3 firmware works with the device without any problems. Only small changes to the LED and button configuration are needed to make the device OpenWrt ready.
Since I have exams at the moment, I unfortunately don't have time to install the device myself. I hope I could help with the information needed to add the device to make it work.

The modified DTS in the forum thread:


In the meantime, I would like to thank all OpenWrt contributors for their great work on this project. You guys rock!

The device has U-Boot Web FailSafe as well as tftp recovery support. I had to use the WPS button instead of the reset button, because only this triggered the web recovery and the successful flashing of the OpenWrt sysupgrade image.

What is the IP address for TFTP recovery of COMFAST CF-WR754AC and what should be the name of the recovery file?