Ramfs + luci custom build


I am attempting to test:

on my sxtsq-5-ac.

I can build, and I can use the boot to test that the ramfs kernal works. (It does ping and I can ssh in)
But with that kernel there is no Luci/web interface.

I have tried various options in "make menuconfig" to try to get the ramfs to have luci, but I haven't figured out the right option to have it "bake it in."

Is there a way?

Thanks for any hints, etc.
(I'm probably just reading something wrong in the docs or the menuconfig screens)

Within menuconfig there should (feeds config is including LuCI) be a menu item called LuCI. There you just have to select LuCI. Other option is to use OpenWrt package manager (opkg) to install LuCI (opkg update && opkg install luci).

Yes, for all those that might google this problem:

You need to hit the select space bar AGAIN. Lol.
First time makes it an M so that it is included as a Module. The second time makes it baked in to the actual kernel bin file.

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