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I´m trying to compile a firmware for my Tplink WR840 (Mediatek 7628).
It's been a long time since I compiled my last build.
Today I came across a new option:

* CPU selection
CPU type
> 1. MIPS32 Release 1 (CPU_MIPS32_R1) (NEW)
  2. MIPS32 Release 2 (CPU_MIPS32_R2) (NEW)
  3. MIPS32 Release 6 (CPU_MIPS32_R6) (NEW)
  4. MIPS64 Release 1 (CPU_MIPS64_R1) (NEW)
  5. MIPS64 Release 2 (CPU_MIPS64_R2) (NEW)
  6. MIPS64 Release 6 (CPU_MIPS64_R6) (NEW)

Which should I select?


Something wrong with your build environment.
This value is already defined in config of mt76x8

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Thanks @123serge123 .

I found the problem.
I was trying to compile using 5.15 kernel.
I didn't notice that's not available for mt76x8.


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