Radius Accounting: can't get Framed-IP-address

Hello, everyone! I am a beginner in openwrt. And my English is poor. So I beg your pardon if I did anything wrong.

I am using the openwrt for radius authentication and accounting. The authentication is fine. But when it comes to accounting, I run into some problem.

In my case, I need the ip address of wireless client. However, I can't get the framed-ip-address in the accounting-request message send by my AP(openwrt).

So I start to find some articles by google.

In this article, Hostapd radius accounting and Framed-IP-Address, the author had the same question as me. But there is no solution released.

In this article, Framed IP Address MissingIn Radius Packet, I know DHCP snooping and ARP snooping can solve the problem in aruba's device.

But I don't know whether it's useful with openwrt. And how can I do it.

Thank you for your time!

Just curious about the use case

It would seem that the framed-ip is used to suggest ip address prior to authentication. Is this not better handled through DHCP reservations?

Usually, it's used in single-sign-on. Some guys in this page have a detailed explanation.

Yes. The framed-ip can also be used in that way except accounting. I've thought about this before. It's useful when you have only one AP. Because the ip assigned by radius server only need to concern one LAN (such as

However, if I have many APs, the radius server may need to assign different IPs to different LANs(such as,,


When I writing this, I suddenly realised that it may be a easier way to get the user-ip mappings. I may have a try by this method.

I don't know why I used to think freeradius can't assign ip pool according AP. It's my mistake.

Sincere thanks.

I finally use MAC address instead of IP address.

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