Radio1 went missing on a Netgear WAC104 but available when I reflash stock image

I have been using the Netgear WAC104 for a while, was working for a while until I rebooted it one day and the 2.4Ghz interface started appearing as "Generic" while it showed up as MTK device before. 2.4Ghz Wifi could not be started anymore on that radio. I reflashed it and the problem persisted. I flashed it back with the Netgear image and both 2.4 and 5Ghz networks came up again. I flashed it back with the latest openWRT image and now the 2.4Ghz disappeared completely. /etc/config/wireless somehow only shows one interface now (radio0). How is this possible with a fresh image flashing? I am sure there were two interfaces before in that config file.

I did flash it back to Netgear image again and as expected, both interfaces are up and running. I tried openWRT 22.03.2 and 21.02.5 to no avail. Can anyone suggest what I can do next?

I powercycled the WAC104 many times and the interface never came back on openWRT.