Radio1 went missing on a Netgear WAC104 but available when I reflash stock image

I have been using the Netgear WAC104 for a while, was working for a while until I rebooted it one day and the 2.4Ghz interface started appearing as "Generic" while it showed up as MTK device before. 2.4Ghz Wifi could not be started anymore on that radio. I reflashed it and the problem persisted. I flashed it back with the Netgear image and both 2.4 and 5Ghz networks came up again. I flashed it back with the latest openWRT image and now the 2.4Ghz disappeared completely. /etc/config/wireless somehow only shows one interface now (radio0). How is this possible with a fresh image flashing? I am sure there were two interfaces before in that config file.

I did flash it back to Netgear image again and as expected, both interfaces are up and running. I tried openWRT 22.03.2 and 21.02.5 to no avail. Can anyone suggest what I can do next?

I powercycled the WAC104 many times and the interface never came back on openWRT.

I had this same issue when after bricking my WAC104. I managed to reset it back with a current image, but I could not access radio1. I resolved this issue by downloading radio packages for the device.
(1) Make sure to update the package list 'opkg update'
(2) Search the list for the MediaTek packages
(3) While I'm not sure which package resolved the issue (I've been at this a while so I did a more of select a bunch and see what sticks approach) now that I've resolved the issue my unit is listing the radio as an MT7603E. Also, noting from the OpenWRT WAC104 page, this unit is a stripped version of the R6220 which includes USB I threw some of -U's at it as well.

opkg list-installed | grep kmod-mt
kmod-mt76 - 5.10.161+2022-09-06-d7054646-5
kmod-mt76-core - 5.10.161+2022-09-06-d7054646-5
kmod-mt76-usb - 5.10.161+2022-09-06-d7054646-5
kmod-mt7603 - 5.10.161+2022-09-06-d7054646-5
kmod-mt76x0-common - 5.10.161+2022-09-06-d7054646-5
kmod-mt76x02-common - 5.10.161+2022-09-06-d7054646-5
kmod-mt76x02-usb - 5.10.161+2022-09-06-d7054646-5
kmod-mt76x0u - 5.10.161+2022-09-06-d7054646-5
kmod-mt76x2 - 5.10.161+2022-09-06-d7054646-5
kmod-mt76x2-common - 5.10.161+2022-09-06-d7054646-5
kmod-mt76x2u - 5.10.161+2022-09-06-d7054646-5


Reviving an old topic, but relevant since there aren't many of us that are using these from the info I can find online.

Hopefully this will be fixed in the next version release. Adding my $0.02 to get the issue visibility.


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