R8000 - How to bring back the second data partition (79 MiB) in OpenWrt?

so why the R8000 second data partition not available to openwrt ? the remaining space was too small to install some needed packages .
any clue how to build a openwrt with the second partition available ?
anyone could help me?
thank you

This device is Broadcom Chip based. Broadcom is not supporting Linux open source drivers very well. That said means that those devices are not getting much love from the community/developers. There is usually just a "basic" OpenWrt support.

So there are almost nobody having deeper knowledge about the device' internals. The only thing you could do is starting to investigate things by yourself or changing over to DD-Wrt. They are paying to get the closed source drivers (as far as I know). It might be you can adopt something by installing DD-Wrt on your device to get things rolling.


but i think this issue not cause by any chip based related or driver ,it just a fs partition to store something , like the R7800 or the WNDR43000 has this issue too, but they have some work around solutions

It is not chip base related. I did not write that. I just tried to gave you an idea why there is no solution for. Just for reference: