R7800 w latest reboots every day

Recently installed the latest version on a new R7800.

It's mostly fine. But the router reboots, apparently spontaneously, about once every day. I've looked through the logs in the UI but nothing jumps out at me.
It doesn't seem like it's running hot.

Anyone know any issues w the R7800 or maybe have some troubleshooting thoughts?

Thanks in advance,

latest snapshot? latest stable? latest hnyman?

Latest stable. Router UI reports OpenWrt 19.07.2

Note that logs get cleared at reboot, as they are on RAM.

First guess is the stmmac jumbo frame bug (that is supposed to be corrected in Linux kernel 4.19).

If you have devices (modem, DVD player, whatever) that supports jumbo frames (oversized ethernet frames) and you can the funtionality in it, disable it.

(Or install the master build with kernel 5.4)