[R7800] upgrading version from 19.03: files to save for replicating configs + suggestions

Hi everybody,
I'll (have to) need to migrate from release 19.03 to the last one :).
Actually, on my Netgear r7800, I'm using the amazing version made by hnyman, without modifying / adding too much (just Network UPS Tools and a dns-over-https packages).
It is clear, of course, that there cannot be an easy path, I mean, I cant do just an upgrade (the "difference" is too wide) and I have to do a fresh install.
Now, I would like to save somewhere the main configs I have done (the related files), so I can compare and eventually replicate them in the new version.
During the years - mainly via Luci - I just added:

  • wireguard interfaces ( /etc/config/networks ?)
  • (internal) couples domain / IP in the DHCP and DNS general settings section of Luci ( /etc/config/dhcp ?)
  • static leases for IPs / hostnames ( /etc/config/dhcp ?)
  • some zones
  • some firewall traffic rules ( /etc/config/firewall ?)
  • scheduled tasks and cron scripts (ok, I made them and I know where are, just a memo for me)
  • the dns-over-https (/etc/config/https-dns-proxy)

some questions:

  • may I try to just copy the content of this files in the ones of the new install?
  • may I save something more that will be useful?
  • after the updates, I just have to reload configs with the classic uci commit && reload_config?
  • further tips for this activity?

Thanks for any support as usual!

Actually, for R7800 the difference between 19.07 and 23.05 are small.
(DSA comes only in the current main/master)

I think that you should be able to do the "sysupgrade with settings" from 19.07 to 21.02 to 22.03 and then to 23.05.

There is some network and WiFi config syntax change (before 22.03?), but LuCI has migration scripts, so you should edit network a bit at each step.

Disable wireguard and DNS proxy first, so that you have a simple network before sysupgrade.

(My download site has actually my last images for each ancient OpenWrt version, if you want to use them)

Ps. As R7800 has the great u-boot tftp recovery, and especially if you have your old factory image stored on PC, you might even take a backup just in case (naturally), but then directly try sysupgrade to 23.05. (You can always flash 19.07 factory and restore backup, if 23.05 does not work)

Pps. I have jumped between all versions all versions a lot, up and down, and some have required migration logic for downgrades, but upgrades have worked ok with R7800.

Hi hnyman,
many thanks for the fast and detailed answer. I think I will try the direct jump to 23.05, making a backup before doing it (not so sure about the restore procedure in case of need, hope it will be easy).
I have to find a day when I can play with the home network infrastructure (read: family members are out :D).
When you say LuCI has migrations scripts, it is something I have to execute after the upgrade? When can I find them?
Again, thanks and special thanks for the amazing "rom" you prepare for all of us!!!

There are two kinds of migration scripts:

  • uci-defaults that are run automatically at the first boot and get applied if you sysupgraded with settings. But if you try later try restoring an old backup, they do not run.
  • LuCI has some logic when you go to edit network settings. So, you need to edit network settings, and the interface/device split gets applied ot your config.

Just to be clear... jumps from more than 1 version back are not tested or supported (when attempting to keep settings). For example, 23.05 explicitly states:

:!: Sysupgrade from 21.02 to 23.05 is not officially supported.

and likewise, 22.03 has the same warning:

:!: Sysupgrade from 19.07 to 22.03 is not supported.

A direct jump, provided that there aren't any major target migrations (like DSA or similar), is usually fine as long as you're willing to recreate your settings from scratch. But keeping settings is only tested and supported from one version back.

thanks a lot psherman for the warning advice!
When I'll have a "family-free-window" :smiley: I will try a multi jump as suggested.
I hope the files named in my first post cover all settings I've done in the past years, so eventually I can re-add them.