R7800: Speed of attached SSD-Drive

Good morning,

i just try some speed tests with my new usb3 ssd attached on my netgear with fresh 22.03 installed and want to ask you wether these speeds are ok or do i have to reconfigure something to get better results.

root@thobben:/mnt/ssd# pv Wallstreet.avi > /dev/null
1.36GiB 0:00:04 [ 327MiB/s] [=============================================================================================================================================================================================>] 100%

when i copy this file via ftp from my R7800 with my gbit-lan attached laptop with internal ssd i get the following speeds:

2:226 Transfer complete.
2:Copied (11.09.2022 08:44:54): ftp://thobben/mnt/ssd/Wallstreet.avi -> c:\Users\User\Videos\Wallstreet.avi 1.462.089.728 Bytes, 79.601 kbytes/s

So 327MiB/s vs 80 MiB/s


80 MB/s is normal, and it's because of the not-very-efficient Ethernet driver.

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