R7800 questions about openwrt

Hello everyone, thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully reply...

I'm about to put openwrt on my Netgear R7800 again after I couldn't get it working last time due to static reservation issues... Hopefully I'll have more luck this time.

But I have a few questions about other settings if you've got the time for some advice.

I'm gonna use a @hnyman build as they always come highly recommended whenever the r7800 is mentioned, I'm not sure to use the normal build or a master build, I see there's 2 options for that one, a -ct and an older ath10k version.... I've read the -ct has more bugs but is also under more development so which is the most stable option today.

When it comes to updating do you have to readd packages etc or does it do that stuff automatically?

What's the recommend settings for QOS I read some don't work well on the r7800 dual core design?

Does the software flow offloading work well enough to compensate for losing the hardware acceleration? Would it matter on a simple home network that mainly has a few devices watching Netflix or streaming from a NAS?

Hnymans builds have something called irqbalance included but not activated, I believe it's something to do with making sure the router shares it's work load better between the 2 cores... Is it recommended or not?

Sorry for the newbie questions, I've read so much but at the same time I'm still completely in the dark and not sure if I should just leave it stock as it works apart from it's odd firmware gremlins... (Nothing unusual for Netgear)

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this post.


If this is your first adventure with owrt, i wouod personally suggest sticking with official images for your device - at least initially.

Any of the community builds should not be considered production ready - unless the author has said so and provided decent documention for their custom build.

...and the official images are far worse in you've missed that part due to recent/ongoing development.

You're probably better off using master in this case, -ct is probably just as good by now but you have to try as it might differ depending on the environment and clients.

As long as packages are included in the firmware image they wont disappear/be wiped during sysupgrades.

Don't use irqbalance unless you see issues without it.

ipq8065/ QCA9984 support, as in the r7800, is very solid by now, both in 18.06.x and master (and the corresponding builds by hnyman's).

Thanks for the help everyone, it is appriciated.

Cheers for the tips,

I'm reading enough wiki posts to last a lifetime, think I've got to grips with SQM/QOS basics, I'm still unsure why my last attempt at setting a few static IPs failed so badly.. more homework needed...

...but I can't seem to find the section that tells me if I can block certain ports on certain router DHCP IP addresses.. (ie can I block all ports except 80 on IP I'm sure the info is there it's just knowing where.

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