R7800 OpenVPN SHA256 throughput?

I have a Asterisk/FreePBX system running for home/business. I have several remote phones in other states. Yealink T46G (and others) have a built in OpenVPN component which allows the phones to register 'as if local' and avoids a lot of NAT and other issues - as well as being more secure.

OpenVPN performance is limited by it's architecture , not only by cipher type.

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I understand that OpenVPN is single threaded and (for the most part) CPU limited. That's why I'm looking at the Netgear which has a 1.7 GHz proc.


Are there other 'comparable' routers to the X4S which I should look at? Probably pull the plug by early next week.


You might want to investigate this box...



Bought a used R7800 from ebay for $84 + shipping. I guess next week I'll start the replacement/upgrade process.

I appreciate everyone's comments.