R7800 on 19.07.2 - LuCI running really slow

I just flashed my r7800 with the latest hnyman bin file:

I was running the latest build:

The web control panel is running really slow, can't access anything. Did I flash the wrong file? I have internet access 0 just can't get to the router. Already tried a power cycle - no change.

I can't even roll it back - did I do something wrong?
"Flash new firmware image

Sorry, there is no sysupgrade support present; a new firmware image must be flashed manually. Please refer to the wiki for device specific install instructions."

Try via ssh.

Are under Linux or Windows? You might need to refresh your IP addresses from lan and/or wireless interfaces.

I think you need to use lan cable after a firmware flash

I am under Windows. I logged back into the router and now have the option to flash firmware. I rolled it back to the 19.02 generic r7800 build and its running fine again. Still would like to find out why the hnyman build didn't work on my r7800

Try setting uhttpd.main.http_keepalive to 0.

Use Chrome? Try Firefox or flash snapshots. I think it is the problem of openssl.