R7800 - No WiFi Fix

I have an R7800 test unit, whose ath10k driver crashes upon first boot with no WiFi interface option in LuCI.

I found a similar case but for a D7800 and the fix was to replace the following files from someone without the issue:

D7800 thread of the issue:
I used the D7800's files from the ath10k functional.zip from the above thread and I had functional WiFi after that.

If anyone has the same files but for the R7800 without the crash issue, could you please post it, I still get occasional drops on the 5Ghz radio so I'm wondering if having the cal-pci files from another R7800 will fix it.

I uploaded the two files to my R7800 community build's download directory in Dropbox:
(note that the colons ":" are repalced with %3A in the filename)

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Thank you very much hnyman.

hnyman's files fixed the 5 Ghz crash issue. :relaxed: