R7800 lost all configuration?

Evening folks, only just got my R7800 running a Hnyman build up and running again after it seemingly lost all configuration??

System was working fine, kids watching stuff on there phones, no one logged into the router doing anything and all of a sudden I lost internet, when the router restarted it was like a fresh install of openwrt... Meaning I had to go get a laptop to connect via Ethernet etc.... Luckily I had a backup, the downside being it was stored on the cloud and with no internet I couldn't get to it lmfao.

Eventually got there by getting the router on the internet after hunting the pppoe details down, downloading the backup file then restoring it...

It's now working fine, I've restarted it and it's retained all info after a reboot so any ideas what that was about? Anyone else had it happen? I'm gonna keep a backup on USB now just incase.

Cheers all.

your causal chronology is missing info or incorrect