R7800 front buttons

My R7800 has LEDs on the top.

They look like this. https://kb.netgear.com/23991/What-are-the-LEDs-and-ports-on-the-front-panel-of-my-Nighthawk-router-called

I want to disable them all so that they are lights only or dont work at all.
I dont use them at all and keep accidentally hitting the 'Disable wifi' button when i work near it.

Could backfire if you need to troubleshoot.

I'd put a piece of black tape over the lights and forget it.

Disclaimer: I don't own that particular device.

It's not guaranteed that all of those LEDs are software controlled (e.g. power often is not, switch LEDs (usually on the back, inside the ports) may not be either)). The buttons you can configured (system), are enumerated at /sys/class/led/xyz/brightness - for testing (before configuring them properly), you can set the brightness to 0 (echo 0 >/sys/class/led/xyz/brightness).

For the disable-everything case, I would recommend black electrical tape - cheap, works all the time.

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There’s a switch on the back that turns off all except the power led, for that you can go to Luci>System>Led configuration and select the white and amber power leds under led name and none under trigger, to revert just delete the led actions you made.

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So far advice seems to be about LED lights, but I think that that you are talking about button functionality (of the wifi and wps LED/buttons)

If you want to disable the button functionality (and not the LED lights), you can just delete the button control script files from /etc/rc.button directory.

This is from R7800:

root@router1:~# ls /etc/rc.button/
failsafe  power     reboot    reset     rfkill    wps
  • rfkill = wifi LED/button
  • wps = WPS LED/button

those are the scripts that control what the button actions do.
Delete those, and buttons do nothing.

Regarding the LED light functionality advice above, the advice about the mechanical switch at the backside is probably the easiest.



I used the mechanical switch on the back and it kills all but the power LED and looks good either on or off.

More importantly, I removed both /etc/rc.button/rfkill & /etc/rc.button/wps, hit the buttons, and the wifi is still online.

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