R7800 ethernet connection significantly slower than wireless connection

Hello all,

I recently flashed hnyman's R7800 stable build and noticed the speeds I'm getting on my desktop PC connected via wired ethernet have drastically fallen, from ~15Mbps to ~3Mbps.

Meanwhile, if I run a speedtest on my phone which is connected via wifi to the R7800, I'm getting full speed - i.e. ~15Mbps.

To confirm that it isn't a desktop NIC issue, I've plugged the desktop PC into another router and I'm getting full speed again, yet as soon as I plug into the R7800, my wired speeds tumble from ~15Mbps to ~3Mbps. This makes me think the issue isn't with the PC or with the ethernet cable, but rather, with how the router is handling wired connections?

For further 'debugging' I also tried connecting another device via ethernet to the R7800 and again, the speeds are dismal yet as soon as I connect that device to the R7800 via wifi, everything is fine again.

Any thoughts from anyone?

I get some 85-90 Mbit/s on speedtest on my PC with wired connection, so there is no generic problem with R7800 and wired speed. (90 Mbit/s is the limit I have set on SQM)

So I just tried to factory reset the router and re-flash, moving from the latest stable hyman build to the latest master hyman build.

Still the same issues :confused:

And the more devices I hook up to the R7800, the it's starting to look like this is an issue affecting wifi and wired connections (some wifi devices are fine meanwhile). I have no clue what's happening.

EDIT 1: I've flashed the original Netgear firmware via TFTP (surprisingly easy!) and my speeds are back to normal.

I'm now going to re-flash hnyman's custom build and if things deteriorate again...

EDIT 2: I've flashed hnyman's latest master build again and things have improved significantly. DL speeds have gone up from ~3Mbps to ~11Mbps but that's still less than the router is capable of on stock firmware (~15Mbps)