R7800 as a managed switch and AP?

So I've configured an x86 Ubuntu host with VLAN enabled, on the machine there are two physical connections, one (enp0s3) to the modem and the other (enp0s8) to the R7800.

On the machine runs VBox inside which an OpenWrt instance, with enp0s3 bridged to the WAN port of virtualized OpenWrt and two VLAN ports enp0s8.10 and enp0s8.20 bridged to it as well, as I want it to serve two subnets.

I plan to do so as it only requires two physical ports on the x86 machine instead of three, but in order to carry these two subnets in one link my understanding is that I'll need the R7800 to untag the two VLANs somewhere in the process, and I have no problem setting up multiple SSIDs assigning each to desired subnet.

So the question is, how to make the separation happen? Is it something like adding "option ifname xxxx" to the WAN interface in "/etc/config/network"?

Thank you very much.

the cable connection between the two openwrt must be with all vlans tagged (enp0s8 < -- > switch lan 1 R7800), then create untagged vlans (switch configuration) on R7800 on other ports (lan2, 3, etc..).

Hi Jesanor

Thank you for the info, just so I understand, you're suggesting not using the WAN port on the R7800, but on the switch itself, is there a specific reason to not use the WAN port?

And the VID in the R7800 will need to match the VID in the x86 like, switch VLAN VID 10 for enp0s8.10, and VID 20 for enp0s8.20, correct?

nope, was just keeping things simple. you can use wan port on r7800 for trunk (cable connection between the two openwrt with all vlans tagged) an use untagged vlans on the 4 lan ports, but you have to configure r7800 switch accordingly, your choice based on your needs.

yes, all vlans id tagged (10, 20) on trunk port on both openwrt, 7800 and x86, then on 7800 in switch configuration vid 10 untagged on port 2, and vid 20 untagged on port 3, just an example, depending on your needs.

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Huge thanks Jesanor, that's all I needed to know.

np :slight_smile: do some reading in your spare time :slight_smile:

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