R7000 - Wi-Fi not an option?

Trying to get SQM working on my R7000, only option I could find here was to use LEDE/OpenWRT, so here I am. But before I try to get SQM working, I want to get the Wi-Fi networks working. I realize that 5GHz banned isn't supported, but it says the 2.4GHz is partially supported on the openWRT hardware page (can't link, limited to 2 links).

So I downloaded the Install, flashed it by going to Administration > Upload Firmware Updates and selecting that .chk file. It restarted, and I was met with the LuCI main-screen when navigating to All seemed well. No password set so I just clicked login. However, Wi-Fi doesn't appear as an option under Network. I uploaded a picture here. Is this correct or did I do something wrong? If I can't use Wi-Fi, I won't be able to enable SQM with this router, which sucks but I could live with it (until I get a job and can buy an E-RX or similar out of the box SQM-enabled router). Just want to make sure that's the case before I give up on OpenWRT.

According to https://wikidevi.com/wiki/Netgear_R7000, both wlan cards are BCM4360 - in other words, broadcom softmac - so no dice (there may be some very, very, very limited support in b43, but nothing you'd want to use).

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Mmk, that's what a figured. Unfortunate but, I'll just have to wait a bit til I can get an SQM-compatible router. I'm not the one with issues either, it's my brother, so not so much skin of my nose lol. Thanks anyway!

You could probably sell the R7000 and buy one of the cheaper routers recommended here with the profits. There's a thread on recommended cheap routers. You may even be able to pick up a higher end one used for the same money. Make your brother pay for it if he's the one complaining! :slight_smile:


The R7800 has excellent OpenWrt compatibility and slightly more performance.

SQM also applies to wired connections. You can do SQM in the main router and then set up one or more additional routers configured as "dumb" access points to serve wireless users.

Yeah, that's what I intended to do. The Edge-Router X comes highly recommended so if I bought that I'd still need something for Wi-Fi (as it has no WLAN card in it), which is why I'm hesitant to sell the R7000. That, and I use it as a "cloud" - I have a 3TB External HDD attached to it that I can access from anywhere with Netgenie which is nice.

Without some effort, you'd give up the cloud features with OpenWrt anyway. You might be better off with it attached to a Raspberry Pi (or similar) running Owncloud/Nextcloud.

The Edgerouter X is good for sure and it's nice that it does SQM out of the box. However, for about the same money, you could have a Xiaomi MiWiFi 3G that uses the same CPU and includes wireless. Depending on your internet bandwidth, you might not need something that powerful CPU-wise. There are lots of used TP-Link WDR-3600/4300 devices out there for pretty cheap that would get the job done. The TP-Link Archer C7 is another option with AC wifi might be another option.

Don't get stuck on the R7000 just because you have it in hand already!

I have had bad experiences buying used routers (every one I've tried has been DOA, and of course no warranty). My bandwidth is 100down/10up so Edge-Router X is barely good enough to handle my bandwidth, any lower CPU specs and my bandwidth would suffer (and the at-router speeds are 140/11 last I checked, so I'd already be losing some speed as ERX is only rated to 100 minimum). Thanks for the tip on the Xiaomi, it wasn't listed in the link I had on Bufferbloat, I'll have to look into it.

And like I said, my situation (while temporary) leaves me without money in pocket, so I'd have to be without router for a few days if I decided to sell the R7000 and buy a "new" router. Unless I could rope my brother into helping, but I doubt it. And my parents already hated spending $150 on a router as it is.

Oh, and thanks for reminding me! I have an old (4+ years) Raspberry Pi sitting in my closet. Might be a good use for it if I ever did decide to switch off the R7k

Just want to clarify - the Xiaomi will only help bufferbloat if you use LEDE/OpenWrt (maybe DD-WRT). This is probably why it wasn't on the bufferbloat list you found. ERX can do it stock or on LEDE (but it's harder to flash to LEDE).

Actually, if you just want to address bufferbloat with your current router, you can use DD-WRT. It's not as stable as OpenWrt and uses a rolling release model, but they are also able to use closed source drivers, so they will have functional wifi on the R7000. Look for the latest "Kong" build. It doesn't do SQM per se, but supports fq_codel, which is the key technology.

I'm searching for R7000 on the Supported Devices list on DD-WRT's website, and it doesn't appear. Can't seem to find how to download DD-WRT without first finding my device. I'm admittedly a huge newbie when it comes to router hardware so I have no idea which one to pick in order to find a compatible firmware file.

This is part of why DD-WRT sucks. It's a very disorganized project with poor documentation. You'll have to go to the forums to figure it out. I'm pretty sure it's supported.

R7000 is dd-wrt supported.
mobile broadband is a bit tricky (device compatiblity) but otherwise it works pretty stable.
Biggest issue for me so far is really finding a stable mid / long term release. Last 3 years - only 2 releases that worked for me long term.

Google is your friend - dd-wrt download ... result #3

If you still have stock firmware:
Go for the link above and select a release, Netgear R7000 and download (obviously) the factory-to-dd-wrt.chk file and flash it from stock firmware.

Afterwards you can stick with the netgear-r7000-webflash.bin for dd-wrt updates.

Do backup your config everytime before an update - this is your quick any easy ticket back.

I wanted to try out lede 17.04 on my test R7000 but boot program checksum gets corruped and deivce is stuck after 1st reboot.
topic is open so far no usefull response - Netgear r7000 - Boot program checksum is invalid Found also a similar issue on the forum but no response or solution so far

I have plenty of experience using ddwrt as I own (2) R7000's. Use the "Kong'" builds as he takes special care for Netgear devices Kong's Firmware Download