R7000, Strongswan - Sonicwall Site to Site Interesting Traffic Not Traversing Tunnel

I've read the various posts with similar issues detailed and have configured as I believe it should be on an R7000 running the latest Davidc build but I still have no traffic crossing the tunnel. Are there updated docs for Strongswan on Lede available? I have seen folks mention using "config" commands to generate the ipsec.conf and strongswan.conf but I am unable to locate any "config" binaries or scripts. Please advise if you can. I'd prefer to just be pointed towards updated docs if possible rather than rely on anyone here to fix my issue. I don't have a route to the remote network and am operating under the assumption that there is a command to generate the rules on tunnel creation but also cannot locate that info.

If no updated docs are available I will of course be happy to post my configs, etc. I'd just prefer to do it myself and the docs available are outdated.

thank you,