R6220 will not forward any packet, nor provide stable wifi


Since trying some IpSet and dnsmasq firewall rule, my router is useless.
Symptoms are :

  • No DHCP adress provided via wire
  • Wifi does not connect or connected withtout providing and IP address
  • Wifi reboots every few minutes
  • Packet forwarding from WAN to LAN works at best for a very short period of time range from less than a minute to 5 minutes.

This router has been working with OpenWrt19.07 rc1, rc2 and release without flaws (except some wifi instability) until this ipset mishap.

After installing IPset rules, all was fine, but the rules seemed to not apply in the firewall. until all packets stopped getting through.
Reboot did not fix.
Removing the ipset package, and configurations files / commandes did not fix either
Hard reboot (power off 30s then power on ) fixed for a little less than 24h.
Since it's been hell.
I have rebooted (several times), hard resetted several times. Restored default setting, and set back the configuration from a backup dating Jan 18.
Updated firmware to 19.07.1 with configuration maintained
Update firmware again to 19.07.1 without keeping configuration then restored Jan18th config
tried unsetting all firewall limitation to run in full accept/forward policy
Ran FirstBoot from CLI, then reconfigured manually bare minimum :

  • root password
  • wifi

When running on a table without WAN access, all seems fine, wiifi connects instantly, wired connexion get IP. As soon as I put the device in the garage with connexion to the internet box, it starts acting stupid.
Internet box works fine, I can connect to it via wifi, and wire, and box diag show random presence (but mostly none) of my router.

Any advice to the obvious setting/manipulation/operation I missed to recover control of my router will be more than welcomed.