R6220 can't access internet


I bought myself a R6220, and tried installing yesterday. LEDE18.06.4, then upgraded to 18.06.5.

The problem I have is that not a single packet from LAN side will ever reach WAN side and come back.

I basically configured my OpenWRT, with a simple manual copy of rules from my current router, nothing fancy, and I can't access to the internet.

I replugged my old router, and internet is back. In dispair, I did a "hardreset" with the back button this morning and it does not even provide DHCP or anything.

Am I in the kind of bug decribed here, is there something else to take care of? Or device is just defective, and should be returned?

FWIW back sticker says AC1200 smartwifi router model R6220

Thank for any help....

Your description is not sufficient to tell, but it's possible. The bug has since been fixed, but only for new releases, not for 18.06.x. I would suggest to try

  • installing 19.07-rc1 which cointains the bugfix
  • setting up the WAN interface with the most basic settings it needs to connect to the internet (not copying any other rules for now)

This way you will be able to tell if it's the device itself or a configuration issue.

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For Your Info, in a momentary lapse of reason, the router replied on it's programmed IP, and accepted upgrading to 19.07rc1 (without keeping settings).

All is now looking very good :smiley: the new interface is really nice.

Thank you for your help.

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Now that things are configured and start working, I can see some thing not working. What is the proper way of reporting things (or seeing if they are already reported) for v19.07rc1.

Thank you

What's not working?

Leds : I only have power led coming up, and the led section only has power.

The trafic graphs are all empty.
I set up bandwidthd-pgsql, but nothing is logged. But this one might be a configuration issue on my side (did not have time to check yet)