R6220 2.4GHz radio0 issues

Hello, i have issues with 2.4ghz wireless not working on openwrt 21.2.02 on my Netgear R6220, i have also tested snapshot build, with same result.
Im pretty sure that issue is caused by bad eraseblocks, becouse every (x) reboots radio0 would be up and working util next "power outage"

root@OpenWrt:~# dmesg | grep eraseblock
[    1.922023] Bad eraseblock 847 at 0x0000069e0000

I have read on forum that kernel 4.x had applied patch and 5.x wont.

I tried to install openwrt 19.07.9 whih i guess fixed my problem (gonna test it longer) But thats not a good solution to me to stick with old firmware. But i have no choice, other than OEM

Also, i have been trying to move partition "factory" to other offsets using imagebuilder, but seems i dont know how, or it need be rebuilded from sourcecode, becouse nothing in /prod/mtd is changing when builded new image.

I dont have other ideas, i also looking at this path size, and im completly not understanding it, idk even if it would work with 5.x kernel

Maybe someone is building image for r6220 with patch included or have any ideas to share?
Ps. Sorry for my bad english (not my main lang)

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Me having same issues, did you find any fix for it

I have the same problem under OpenWrt 22.03.2 r19803-9a599fee93 -- although I don't see these Bad eraseblock errors in my log...