R36 usb wifi dongle

HI Guys,

I have an Alfa R36 with an W502 board inside. I've installed LEDE 17.04 on the device which is working fine. i tried to connect an usb wifi antenna (RT3070) to the device to have an external antenna. I installed multiple packages but the device doesn't show up when i sent the lsusb command. the device is also not showing up with the dmesg command.

Does anybody know which package(s) i need to get this working?



Some routers need a GPIO pin to be set to turn on the power supply that comes out the USB port. Plug in a device that only uses power, such as trying to charge a phone, and see if there is power available from the port.

You should at least see "new high speed USB device" in dmesg when the core usb2 stack is working. After that happens, if a driver for the device is installed it should attach to it.