Quota feature needed

I am currently running Gargoyle firmware on my WD MyNet N750 router. Gargoyle has a Quota feature built in. I would like to switch to OpenWRT but I need the Quota feature. Does Open WRT have this feature built in? If not is there a way to add it after installing the firmware? I am not too fimilar with programming and codes so I am not sure how to do anything within the firmware.

I also need DLNA and DHCP... I was reading through some of the forum and as far as I can tell these are already built in.

DHCP is built in, yes. DLNA, as far as I know, would need an appropriate package and perhaps LuCI plug-in installed (which should be straightforward).

Many threads on quota here, including


Not to derail the thread, but is there something missing from Gargoyle that is making you want to switch?

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Other than it apparently still being based on the EOL-ed Chaos Calmer with an EOL-ed kernel and without a stable release in over a year?

(To be fair and forthright, several years ago OpenWrt had its own problems with keeping current, which had me looking for alternatives before the LEDE split and subsequent merge put things onto a more tenable update cadence. Those days are what first drove me to move everything off my wireless routers except AP functions.)

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Agreed, with the following caveats:

  • Stable vs Experimental builds on Gargoyle are a pretty loose terminology. As all the development efforts are focussed on the latest branch (always experimental) it often becomes more stable than the previous stable branch pretty quickly.
  • The latest (unofficial) release 1.11.x is already available and based on Openwrt 18.06

Gargoyle does have a problem with a lack of regular releases/development. I have personally decided to fix this, and have taken over the active development.
The one thing I can’t do is trigger an official release. I’ve spoken with the project lead and asked him to trigger it recently, I’m just waiting for him to have some spare time.

Once 1.11.0 (official) is out, I intend to then work on what will be 19.01 branch as our 1.13.x, and move 1.11.0 to 1.12.0 by July next year.
Again, these timeframes are kind of loose because I can’t trigger an official release. But I can always provide the latest unofficial builds.

This is even further off topic, so if you want more info, come visit us at the Gargoyle forums, or send me a PM and we can discuss further.


Good to know that there is active development going on there!

It wasn't evident from the current Gargoyle site, nor from the one link to the sources that still worked (the build script still references a December, 2017 commit on the chaos_calmer branch).

A reference to current builds would certainly help both casual visitors, as well as those that seek secure router firmware that has features that aren't standard in OpenWrt.

Back to @wildcats198311 on the question...

I thought Gargoyle was done making new releases. There for I thought I would try something new. Don’t get me wrong I really like Gargoyle and really don’t want to switch to anything else, if it is still going to be having new releases soon. If I switch I need something with Quota that has option to throttle each individual user. I have satellite internet which is limited usage and need something that controls my niece and nephews usage.

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Sorry for bumping this old thread. Is there any way to port the functionality from gargoyle to openwrt. I guess nobody will hate it.

It uses custom kernel modules, which i think historically have been rejected from Openwrt.
So.... probably not.
No reason you couldn't port it to your own private build. You'd need to build a LuCI page to control it all as well. This would be a lot of work.