Quick way for ordinary user to disable adblocker temporarily

Hi Everyone,

Just curious if anyone knows of a way for a non-privileged user to disable adblock temporarily (in order to watch shows that dont work with adblocker)...I suppose I can track down which domain is being blocked and add to whitelist, but thought I'd reach out to see if this problem has a solution already.



In LuCi, Services/Adblock, click on suspend, or resume.

In SSH, /etc/init.d/adblock/suspend or /etc/init.d/adblock resume

By definition this is a privileged task, root access is necessary.


I have adblocker but I have never ever experienced that it “blocks a show” unless that show is kind of ad’s to begin with!?

Are you sure it is adblocker that blocks it to begin with?

How have you configured it to begin with? You should probably first look at what block list you have checked.

its history channel on google stick. I will look at dns requests when trying to watch show and add to whitelist i guess..I recent installed adguard home replacing adblock, so we will see..

Thanks for the input.