Quick start guide / how-to list

@vgaetera Why have you added the how-to list to the quick start guide page?
I'm asking because that list does absolutely not fit to quick-start-guide...

In my opinion, they have a similar goal:

Although, I don't mind if you think it should be a separate category.

Separate category please.
The quick start guide is for getting users started who want to install OpenWrt, and e.g. Tor client or RNG certrainly are not the first things a new user needs to know to get OpenWrt installed.

I put it here for now:
You can move it where you see fit.

This how-to page could use a little how-to :wink:

  • What are the criteria for adding a link to an existing page?
  • Is it allowed to create new pages in the how-to namespace?
    If yes: What are the criteria for new how-to pages, i.e. when should such pages be created in how-to, when in other namespaces?

Let other users know how to use/edit this page correctly, in order to avoid it cluttering up over time.

Sidenote: Just as inspiration how how-tos could be organized:

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