Quick question regarding asus rt-n12+

i have an asus rt-n12+ and according to:


asus rt-n12+ is a supported device but after some digging around i found that i have to use a factory.bin file to go from factory fw to openwrt (https://forum.openwrt.org/t/how-to-recover-an-rt-n12-b1-that-was-bricked-through-accidental-uploading-of-sysupgrade-bin/41296), but right now there are only sysupgrade.bin files are available as far as i could find...

so i have to just build it myself to get factory.bin file... or i can just use the sysupgrade file?

Support for RT-N12+ has been added with https://git.openwrt.org/?p=openwrt/openwrt.git;a=commit;h=58e0673900ea585b03d3cc2f8917667faa3f977f

Since then, no factory.bin has been sighted.
Please mind that only approx. 30% of all OpenWrt supported devices do require the presence of a factory.bin for initial installation.

Have you followed the installation instructions in the git commit linked above?

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i was planning to just go with the sysupgrade file but then i came across this post:

RT-N12+ B1 that was bricked through accidental uploading of sysupgrade.bin

it Is a different model (n12+ B1 as supposed to just n12+) but i wanted to be sure ....

I will try with sysupgrade file and post an update with the result...

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N12+ B1 is a different model... It's the one that I have and it sadly isn't compatible with OpenWrt for the time being D:
I'm not sure if anyone had success flashing to that device just yet but there probably is hope, please refer to this reddit comment and wish you luck on this one!: