Quick question my WRT1900ACS/WRT3200ACM to 19.7.3 and mwlwifi

Hello Devs / @eduperez,

I read one of your replies as seen below:

If i upgrade to 19.7.3 (from 19.7.2) using the image obtained from the link below will it upgrade also mwlwifi? Or do I need a development build to get that new version of mwlwifi?


Got excited by your response that it reliability is "rock solid" :slight_smile: Also someone mentioned in the thread that 802.11r may work. :pray: I need this feature as having "sticky wifi" issues when roaming from our ground floor (WRT1900ACSv2) to the bedrooms (WRT3200ACM) upstairs :frowning:

The reason why I ask is that though I am not a noob with regards to Openwrt I am also not that much of an expert with it so I cannot debug and resolve issues.



The drivers included in 19.07.3 are the latest (or one version before the latest) that are available at the official upstream repo. Then there is a not-so-official version, and a experimental external version.

I would install the stable version, and if everything works as expected, leave it as is. Otherwise, you can try one of the latest updates with my packages.

I do not know which version is on the snapshots, but my packages are not compatible.

Thank you so much @eduperez for taking time to reply :smile:

Ok I can try your mwlwifi version. Is it as easy as downloading the file then replacing the one in mine?



Yes, pretty much that is all: there are detailed instructions at https://github.com/eduperez/mwlwifi_LEDE/blob/master/README.md.

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