Quick question about /etc/resolv.conf and multi-instance dnsmasq?

is there a way to control which instance of dnsmasq's search domain gets populated in /etc/resolv.conf ? i looked through the official docs on the topic, but there's not a lot of mention about multiple instances (and how to control them from each of them clobbering over /etc/resolv.conf)

i know /etc/resolv.conf is merely a symlink to /tmp/resolv.conf but mine seems to just get the search domain of the last dnsmasq-instance's configuration.. and i don't want to reorder the instances in /etc/config/dhcp if there's a cleaner way to control this? the last instance's search domain is not what i want in the router's /etc/resolv.conf ideally..

What if you disable localuse in the instance you want to ignore?


this did it.. i set localuse=0 on all the non-primary dnsmasq instances

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In theory, it should only use the domain from the dnsmasq instance that does not have notinterface="loopback" set (and hopefully only one is trying to listen on loopback port 53).


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