Queue building / congestion / drops information for cellular interfaces

I am running Openwrt 21.02.0 on a dual cellular router. This has two active cellular (LTE) interfaces.
Default qdisc is fq_codel on the cellular WAN interfaces (wwan0/1).

I would like to monitor the cellular interfaces for the following:

  • Transmit queue length
  • Transmit queue drops
  • Congestion information
  • Received queue length
  • ..

I checked with tc the stats but these do not give any congestion or packet drop information. The drop field does not update even though I am saturating the uplink and received dropped packets on my application:

# tc -s qdisc show dev wwan1
qdisc fq_codel 0: root refcnt 2 limit 10240p flows 1024 quantum 1380 target 5ms interval 100ms memory_limit 4Mb ecn drop_batch 64 
 Sent 23128084256 bytes 67484798 pkt (**dropped 69**, overlimits 0 requeues 133) 
 backlog 0b 0p requeues 133
  maxpacket 4080 drop_overlimit 0 new_flow_count 2386 ecn_mark 0
  new_flows_len 0 old_flows_len 0

Is there a way to get this kind of network queue information from the wwan0/wwan1 interface in OpenWRT?