Questions regarding using OpenWrt for Miraki MR42

I am noob to OpenWrt and have limited knowledge of networking I would say.
Recently I have got access to 3 x MR42 devices from my old organization and due to them being attached to Cisco Dashboard of the old company, which doesn't exist anymore, I won't be able to use the devices with Cisco. (And being the fact that it would cost me a lot in subscription fees each year to run that way)

I was doing a bit of research on what can I do and came across OpenWrt.

Seems to be a good idea if I can reflash them with OpenWrt and use them as APs instead.

I have checked some forum discussions, OpenWrt guides and Wiki to clear few questions. Links below.;a=commit;h=67f52012760ce553ba6393aaba77359a458deeda

Question that I have still are below

  1. I don't have AC Adapter for those devices and going to use them with PoE switch. Is it good idea to flash with OpenWrt using PoE switch or should I source AC Adapter?
  2. Couple of devices are still attached to previous company's Cisco Dashboard, flashing them with OpenWrt would create any issues? Anything I need to be aware of?
  3. Does OpenWrt have any firewall ? Is there any option to turn it off as I will use them as dumb APs ?
  4. Once all 3 APs will be configured as dumb AP, how well they handle device handover when moving into different areas of my house with mobile device such as laptop, mobile phone? Any specific settings I need to configure for this?
  5. I would like to create two separate SSIDs for 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. Is this something achievable using OpenWrt? Or will there be 1 SSID for both bands and either AP or Device will decide on which band to use?
  6. If using 1 SSID, will there be any option to configure preferred band from AP end?

Sorry if any of you feel the questions are stupid but hey I am still learning and its better to have clear understanding of things when you are learning :slight_smile:

Once I get things clear and I get time, I will start flashing one of the devices and looking at the communication and support in the forum by awesome contributors, I hope I will also get help along the way.

  1. I'd get one, just to be safe
  2. You're replacing the fw, everything that's Cisco related will go away, except for the boot loader
  3. Yes -
  4. 802.11r is easy to setup, you will however need to replace the hostapd-mini package with the full version, post flashing
  5. Yes two SSIDs, or more, if you'd like
  6. Yes

Hi @frollic,

Thank you for quick response.

I will follow the answers and post back if I need further help. (Specially when I will work on hostapd-mini package)