Questions regarding antennaes for TP-Link Archer MR200

Hello there,

I'm working on a small work related project where we have work crews going to customers, having no infrastructure except their laptops and phones.

I've considered setting up a small LAN using TP-Link Archer MR200 for the WAN uplink. I'm considering these 4G antennaes:

IIRC the WLAN antannaes are internal with this device, so I can't connect external ones? Can someone please confim?

Lastly, the newest version would be the Archer MR200 V4. Anyone already using that model?

For firmware downloads for MR200 v4 see Table of Hardware: Firmware downloads (filtered for MR200 v4).

Thank you tmomas, I'm aware there are no official downloads; still, also interested in the hardware side, so I'd also like to know if anyone is running it with factory firmware.

Well, I think you are more likely to find people running stock on TP-Link forum.