Questions before flashing firmware

I have a Netgear R8000, and the performance is terrible. I have to reboot every few days, because of speed drops. I tried older Netgear firmwares, but still have issues. Before I flash it with openwrt, I have some questions. After flashing, will I have two 5ghz channels, and one 2.4ghz channel, like the stock firmware? I see special instructions for better Wifi:

opkg install kmod-brcmfmac kmod-brcmutil (this is done by default on stock OpenWrt image).

set country code to US

set channel 48 to radio2

set channel 149 to radio0→ SAVE → Reboot

Where exactly do you make those changes, in the settings, or do you open the image in Notepad, and make the changes? Thanks, Len

in the wifi settings, either by browser, or by ssh.

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