Questions about the first time installation on a Joowin JW-WR758AC V1

I have a Joowin JW-WR758AC V1. I would call myself a user with a bit experience. So I can follow a written setup guide. But I'm not an admin who can configure networks. I just like the idea to get rid of the original firmware and get OpenWrt running on it. For your information. I use it now as a repeater. Because my router don't provide good wlan. So I plugged it in a few rooms away and my mobile devices are connecting to it.

So if I got everything right I have to follow the "Factory install: First-time installation on a device" and when it comes to the point how I want to use it. Then I have to do everything written in "Enabling a Wi-Fi access point on OpenWrt" and "Wi-Fi extender / repeater / bridge configuration"?

My router is an old FritzBox 6320. Its IP address is So for the repeater I would use the Joowin standard IP For me it looks like these IPs will still do the job. Any comments?

When I used the repeater with the original firmware, I figured out a wlan name should not be too long. So if it had the name "ThisIsMyNiceAndCoolWlan" on the router. Then I had to shorten both names to "MyWlan". Can someone confirm this for the joowin firmwaren and can I use a long name with OpenWrt again? Because my original wlan name was just nice and I miss it.

Does the OpenWrt for the Joowin JW-WR758AC has a grafik interface? Because that is very importend to me. Shure I will enable SSH like it says in the manual. But for the normal configuration buttons in a browser would be very helpful to me.

The COMFAST CF-WR758AC is listed with only Development builds/snapshots, which means no LuCI (graphical interface) by default.
LuCI will need to be installed manually.