Questions about running luadch DC-hub with WireGuard

Hi. I've been thinking about how to set up Luadch ADC and have it run on WireGuard on a simple (actual) router.

So, anywhoo, I'm thinking: Luadch exists for Windows (useless for this application), Linux and ARM.
Seeing as my router is ARM-based, the latter would be an option.
If I were to use WireGuard, I'm thinking I'd need some kind of virtual adapter to knot together the hub and IP somehow.
Luadch I don't think requires much resources, so it's very lightweight to run, and also very small.
It does however need a few things like OpenSSL (which, as I understand it, is available for installation in OpenWRT for things like OpenVPN) and probably a few other pre-reqs.
I haven't checked the reqs for Linux/ARM in a while.

Anyone got any ideas how to marry the two together?
I think others that I know might be very interested in a solution such as this since their computers jam up all the time and need to reboot & such stuff.
Also, running a small hub on a regular computer is a bit like having a BMW lawnmower.
In other words, wasted resources.