Questions about QCA BDFs


I want to know more details about BDFs. Seems they are related with regulatory and board configuration.

  1. Would you provide some examples/cases of the regulatory/configurations?
  2. Why does vendor need custom BDFs instead of the default ones in QSDK? If not using custom BDFs, what's the problem? Wi-Fi not up or bad performance or not follow regulatory?
  3. Any relationship between BDFs and calibration file?
  4. When upgrading QSDK, how to get new custom BDFs? Wait for OEM to release ? Can we make it by ourselves?

Thanks a lot!

What they configure highly depends on the card generation, Wawe-2 802.11ac and nowadays 802.11ax have a ton of configuration in them.
802.11ax cards also carry a regulatory database in them instead of utilizing the wireless-regdb.

  1. No idea what you mean by this
  2. Because QSDK only ships BDF-s for the reference boards, for anything else you need a custom BDF to match the design.
    Usually WLAN performance is bad, but you can also star transmitting in higher TX power than allowed if the RF design is mismatched with the BDF.
  3. They are complementary, BDF "describes" the board model, while caldata is then per each manufactured board to account for differences and ship MAC-s
  4. You can either use the older ones if they are still compatible or bother your vendor.

No idea why you are asking these on OpenWrt forum, especially QSDK related questions, they got nothing to do with OpenWrt


Thanks for your answers

I mean: List some specific configurations in BDFs, so it's easy to understand.

Just curious and try to study more. There are some BDF patches in the OpenWrt repo in package/firmware/ipq-wifi including yours, right? And I also saw some issues related with BDFs discussed here. So I'm asking this question.

Unless you have an NDA with QCA to have access to scripts to convert the BDF to text, nobody is really allowed to share those.
There is thousands of options these days.

Those are not patches, but rather complete BDF-s pulled from the stock FW.