Questions About Mesh Network

i have a OpenWRT device without WIFI as the main router ,here is the net-map
if i want the openwrt be the controller of the mesh network ,is it possible to creat a mesh network within the 2 APs?

If they are wired, it is not mesh. Mesh involves wireless links between the APs.

What you have drawn is a very simple (and almost always higher performance) method for setting up your WiFi network.

You simply want a dumb ap configuration on the ap devices.


Mesh can be WiFi and Ethernet (OLSR)...although I think the OP's question was specific to "wireless mesh technologies" - anyways, your diagram doesn't need a mesh scenario, unless you're considering:

  • one wire fails between the OpenWrt and an AP
  • or devices on either AP may need to be isolated; but send traffic to each other (in which case, the wire would likely be faster)

It's overkill, but it is possible. Just note, the APs will become routers in this scenario and would not "roam" like a "wireless mesh technology" - OLSR is more of a routing mesh solution.