Questions about D-Link DAP-X1860

Hello togehter,

since the thread about the OpenWrt Support for D-Link DAP-X1860 - For Developers - OpenWrt Forum was closed, I do not know where to go with my questions and have opened a new one.

My setup currently consists of a Turris Omnia (TurrisOS 6.3.2) as a gateway and the mentioned D-Link with (OpenWRT 22.03.5) as a WLAN repeater, so without cable bridge.

I have connected the device to my home network (LAN) as described in the Mesh wiki

Now to my questions:

  1. the status led in the D-Link is permanently orange, I would like a green led as in the default. According to the last thread, a patch was introduced. Is there a possibility of workaround or do I have to wait for a new sysupgrade?
  2. the RSSI Leds of the D-Link currently show nothing. Is there meanwhile a solution to assign this display to the mesh radio?
  3. a little OT/ If I select 40 MHz channel width in the Turris Omnia for the 5GHz band (mesh), I am shown a radio network with 20 MHz width in the D-Link OpenWRT analyzer and I can only connect to it if I select 20 MHz in the D-Link. Does anyone have an idea how this is possible? And how could i switch to 40 MHz or 80 MHz?

I hope I have mentioned everything important.

Thanks already

You are using Turris Omnia OS, so the first step would be to post Turris Omnia related questions in the Turris forum.

I will try to answer your questions to the best of my knowledge:

  1. Green LEDs? - To date, I know of no workaround apart from upgrading to newest OpenWrt snapshot or to compile from source yourself. The patch could theoretically be backported.

  2. Possible to assign RSSI LED to mesh radio? - I don't know

  3. Why 20 MHz instead of 40 MHz channel bandwidth? - This is likely Turris Omnia related. You should be able to set the proper channel bandwidth on the Turris Omnia. The D-link dap-x1860 is capable to work with 80 MHz bandwidth, but to be honest, I have never tried 20 or 40 MHz on the 5 GHz band, so cannot rule out a bug there. Maybe it's also a mesh problem. I have not used Mesh yet, so I cannot help you there.

Thank you ThiloteE for answering.
So it seems that I had to switch to the latest snapshot. Und swich back to stable if it is backportet.