Question regarding Wi-Fi5 and Wi-Fi6 mode selection

Hello, I am attempting to evaluate WiFi5 with WiFi6 performance.

I am currently using the Asus RT-AX53U with OpenWRT.

Under "Operating frequency" in the web GUI, there is an option to select AC mode or AX mode. My question is, if AC mode is selected, then will this disable OFDMA and BSS Coloring?

I assumed it would but under Rx live description it still shows "1200.9 Mbit/s, 80 MHz, HE-MCS 11, HE-NSS 2". Does this imply that selecting either AC or AX mode makes no difference?

With thanks

Should say 866 VHT.

Yes, that will disable OFDMA (aggregating MPDU from PDU-s destined for different receivers) and Colouring (wakeup tag for dense environments)

Thank you for responding. Does this imply that it should disable WiFi6 features, but in my case, it is not working since it shows "HE-MCS 11" connection? Is this most likely only an issue with my router having a compatibility issue with OpenWRT?

Mine disables AX, at least in beacons, check /var/run/hostapd*conf vs if the right bits are set.

/var/run/hostapd doesn't contain a config file for me. There's just an empty "global" file there. I also upgraded to the latest openwrt kernel via the websites binary file and I did not keep existing config, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I am testing a mesh and I installed "wpad-mesh-openssl". With this package I get the following hostapd files:

root@OpenWrt:/# find -iname hostapd*

WIthout "wpad-mesh-openssl" I get no hostapd files at all.

Also, do you know how BSS Colors are assigned in a mesh network with OpenWRT? Does the entire mesh act as a single AP in this regard and the mesh assigns a single static color to all associated clients?

/var/run/ directory contains hostapd*conf files.

Other questions are explained in great detail in wikipedia and the likes.