[Question/Recommendation] WRT3200ACM

The router itself was still working fine. It’s the 5ghz radio that’s problematic.

And I insist that I have a 5GHz connection that has been up for weeks.

all my radio are ok too

So.. my clue ?
WIth default Linksys firmware, my android phones won't connect and get an IP on my linksys home wifi.
I searched a lot why because, Macbook, Microsoft Surface, all went ok.. but not Android. It looks like a bug from linksys + android network stack that Media Prioritization fails completing the IP address cycle..
So, I won't say you re right with your performance topic, obvioulsly, I don't really need a 1gb/s throughput but most of the issues I had were connecting my devices and here, this helped.

I m not yet in LEDE world, the fear of loosing wifi is shadowing my thoughts, while, to complete the last posts, I rebooted my router maybe each couple of months.. and wifi goes well. I do see some issues with Chomecast, or my Microsoft Surface while connecting but these devices also have their issues.

As a consequence, I never had issues with my Android or iPad or homeautomation systems all using Wifi, should be 2.4 or 5ghz.

I have a wireless bridge connected to the 5ghz on my WRT3200ACM, no issues, It is to connect all my home entertainment stuff. It is up all the time connected at 1100mbs-1300mbs

Did you manually set the 5ghz channel or left it default?

I think I figured out why my 5ghz radio crashed.

  1. I was manually selecting the 5ghz channel.
  2. I had multiple virtual SSIDs on the 5ghz radio.

Anyway, I re-enabled automatic channel selection and going back to using a single SSID. Will keep you updated if I encounter another crash.

Despite some users mentioning some random wireless related issues in the past, I have been using my WRT3200ACM specifically as a Tri-Band access point which it is not exactly marketed as. That third radio (radio2) with the latest kernel driver and firmware (which is not mwlwifi) from trunk combined with the latest mwlwifi radios (radio0 and radio1) using latest drivers and firmware, the entire wireless AP setup is smooth, fast, and without any significant issues. Generally my uptime is 5-7 days or more between updates. I've got multiple dnsmasq instances as well.

The third radio (mwifiex-sdio), I believe only has a max Tx power of 18, but that is kept as a separate wireless network which has additional protection for kids iPads and other devices. Initially, I was using multiple SSIDs on the mwlwifi radios with a separate SSID for the KidSafe network. But after several weeks of testing, this entire setup with all three radios has been absolutely rock solid. This is speaking specifically regarding trunk builds. My experience with WRT3200ACM and all three radios on Stable branch LEDE was not so good. There were issues there. But on trunk builds, this is smooth sailing. Bluetooth is functional (via kmod-btmrvl) on trunk now as well but I have yet to do anything with bluetooth nor do I have much need for it at the moment.

I have got a modified USB connected Static Pressure fan mounted on the top of the WRT3200ACM keeping things cool(ish) but consistent:

armada_thermal-virtual-0 Avg: 60.9°C Last: 60.4°C

tmp421-i2c-0-4c - temp1 Avg: 35.4°C Last: 35.4°C

tmp421-i2c-0-4c - temp2 Avg: 37.1°C Last 37.1°C

Therefore, while this WRT3200ACM device has had its issues since the beginning with regard to wireless stability, it is all coming together as time goes on and with each kernel driver and firmware update. I would personally recommend this device now at this stage.

EDIT: Correction, at the moment it seems that my radio2 (mwifiex-sdio) is running with Tx power of 17 dBm despite being set at 18. Either way, that is working well enough with kids iPads and such devices and keeping the first two radios for higher priority purposes.

with the latest releases especially mac changes it seems that is not so stable anymore

[262171.109262] ieee80211 phy0: cmd 0x801d=MEMAddrAccess timed out
[262171.115219] ieee80211 phy0: return code: 0x001d
[262171.119859] ieee80211 phy0: timeout: 0x001d
[317806.329873] ieee80211 phy1: staid 1 deleted
[317815.457218] ieee80211 phy1: cmd 0x9111=SetNewStation timed out
[317815.463166] ieee80211 phy1: return code: 0x1111
[317815.467810] ieee80211 phy1: timeout: 0x1111
[317819.471446] ieee80211 phy1: cmd 0x8050=broadcast_ssid_enable timed out
[317819.478096] ieee80211 phy1: return code: 0x0050
[317819.482731] ieee80211 phy1: timeout: 0x0050
[317823.487372] ieee80211 phy1: cmd 0x8127=SetInformationElements timed out
[317823.494110] ieee80211 phy1: return code: 0x0127
[317823.498746] ieee80211 phy1: timeout: 0x0127
[317827.503299] ieee80211 phy1: cmd 0x801c=80211RadioControl timed out
[317827.509595] ieee80211 phy1: return code: 0x001c
[317827.514238] ieee80211 phy1: timeout: 0x001c
[317831.519233] ieee80211 phy1: cmd 0x8126=SetFixedRate timed out
[317831.525099] ieee80211 phy1: return code: 0x0126
[317831.529734] ieee80211 phy1: timeout: 0x0126
[324867.169568] ieee80211 phy0: cmd 0x801d=MEMAddrAccess timed out
[324867.175527] ieee80211 phy0: return code: 0x001d
[324867.180170] ieee80211 phy0: timeout: 0x001d
[324871.183883] ieee80211 phy0: cmd 0x801d=MEMAddrAccess timed out
[324871.189833] ieee80211 phy0: return code: 0x001d
[324871.194491] ieee80211 phy0: timeout: 0x001d
[324875.197806] ieee80211 phy0: cmd 0x801d=MEMAddrAccess timed out
[324875.203769] ieee80211 phy0: return code: 0x001d

and 100% one core with [ksoftirqd/1]

WRT3200ACM has received a new firmware update from Linksys.

Latest Date: 10/27/2017

Release Notes: http://downloads.linksys.com/downloads/releasenotes/WRT3200ACM_Customer_Release_Notes_1.0.6.184351.txt

Firmware version:
Release date:        October 27, 2017

- Integrated WLAN driver v9.1.1.4 and FW v9.3.1.2
- Added support for Winbond and MXIC flash
- Fixed VPN access over PPTP
- General bug fixes

Is anyone in the position to be able to try this firmware out to determine whether or not is has a newer firmware version or anything interesting?

I was not able to extract the image file using 7-Zip or mount the image to get more information from it. And also not in the position to flash the router back to Linksys at the moment for experimentation as I prefer to stick just to LEDE.

Thank you for your time. Cheers!

Well, for starters the official repo for the WLAN driver at https://github.com/kaloz/mwlwifi still incorporates FW; that will probably be relevant to LEDE. The rest of the changes seem specific to the original firmware.

I have the latest LEDE build (with latest mwlwifi) on my WRT3200ACM and with one device attached to it, I can only get about 1/4 the speed of my ASUS AC87U (with Merlin) on all the wireless radios with several systems I tested (laptops, phones, USB dongles). This is very frustrating. I just bought it, so I am about to return it. I have WMM checked and removed all QoS type services (SQM) to ensure they weren't hindering it. It seems there is really no decent high end router that LEDE or DD-WRT can take full advantage of the latest radio chipsets without either retarding their speeds or becoming unstable. I may just get a R7800, but it also has its own issues.

Any new experiences with the WRT3200ACM? Better to go for the previous model WRT1900ACS?

Edit: Typo in first link name (should be WRT3200ACM instead of WRT1900ACS)

I have two WRT3200ACM (different locations) and they work very well and stable. Nothing to complain about. That said, I'm running master and not release builds on both.

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Thank you (especially interpretating the (now corrected) typo in the right way :wink: ). I'm just irritated by the mass of "problem flashing WRT3200ACM" threads...
How is the the heat-resistance? Does the device become very hot (I don't have air con and in summer the temp my flat can be over 35°)?

I'm using a WRT3200ACM with the latest build of davidc502. (Davidc502- wrt1200ac wrt1900acx wrt3200acm wrt32x builds)
Overall no problems with this device but the wifi performance and coverage could be better...


Ambient is about 25C tops, it does get a bit warm but at 35C+ without any decent airflow your unit will probably overheat but that probably goes for any ARM-based router without any active cooling.

Hi friends,



is it possible to convert a WRT3200ACM to a WRT32X?, I saw that the hardware of the two are identical, the difference being only in software, this information is correct?

some users in oruns say that the WRT32X is faster and after fewer problems than the WRT3200, if it is true I think it would be due to fost being another.

What is your opinion of your friends about this?


As the hardware is identical, there is no difference for running OpenWrt on one or the other (aside from picking the right firmware image).

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Thx, do you know about problems with the release builds?

Thank you as well. Could you provide some details for "performance and coverafe yould be better"?

Beside this: Why https://openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/linksys/linksys_wrt3200acm is called "v1" but https://openwrt.org/toh/linksys/wrt_ac_series?s[]=wrt3200acm lists only one model?