Question re:Davidc Build for WRT1900ACS

I loaded the previous released build for the WRT1900ACS (I notice today there is one dated 5-11 that I will upgrade to later today) and have been enjoying it as opposed to LEDE and customizing myself. However I came across a post today relating that rtl-sdr support was available via a package 'rtl-sdr'. I cannot find that through shell or GUI and searched the OpenWRT site and found that there is a package rtl-sdr available. Now I am wondering why I don't see it from this build. I assume it is a repo issue but haven't had time to investigate this. Can anyone shed some light on this issue?


I can't speak to David's build, but you might find some useful information in

Version 17.01.4 was released in 2017. As of my posting, 17.01.4 is the current release. If you installed a SNAPSHOT, that's likely your issue.

Basically, packages do not cross-install between versions; therefore, once the SNAPSHOT is updated (usually 24 hours), the packages built for the previous version will not work.

David stores off his packages so they are available long term.

@badgenes, you can install uci (it's available in David's builds) and you should be good to go.

If you are not using OpenWRT, please use another forum. The rtl-sdr package exists in OpenWRT.

If UCI isn't installed, there's a bigger problem. The issue is with the poster finding the package rtl-sdr.

I loaded the previous released build for the WRT1900ACS (I notice today there is one dated 5-11 that I will upgrade to later today) and have been enjoying it as opposed to LEDE and customizing myself. - I meant David's build for my hardware, and its ease of use as opposed to vanilla and loading everything myself. David's builds are based off 17.01.4 with most recent snapshots integrated.

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Yes it is that thread that led me to trying to install the package only to find it isn't available in Davidc's build. I just checked the repo list in the build and see why. Now I need to find out if it is safe to add the official repos into this build.

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For packages that aren't platform specific (typically those other than kernel modules), as long as the architecture of the package matches, you are probably OK. Find out what "kmod" packages are required, install those from the specific build, then the "normal" package archives could be tried.

Especially for "private" builds, it can be both time consuming (many hours per build) as well as a challenge to build every package, especially as many of them conflict with each other.

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I was going to suggest that (or simply downloading/installing the IPK package from the proper target in the official repo); but I would verify that with the person who made the firmware.

Thanks jeff and lleachii, since my last post I figured out where the repo was that held the packages I am after for 17.01.4, added it and am was staring at the list trying to decide if I feel like screwing up my router right now LOL. I may wait for Davidc to reply, or I may just install it. I like his build a lot but this has me considering running vanilla and setting all of this up myself.

Anyone have experience starting vanilla and trying to mirror someone's custom configuration? Is it just a matter of installing the same packages? Or, as may be the case of David's, are there custom settings applied to the packages as well?

Suppose you could use the openwrt-mvebu-cortexa9.manifest file as a reference, not going to help if / with a files/ driectory if in the build.

Edit: iirc this community build is based off master, not stable, could be wrong though.

I'll need to look for the package "rtl-sdr" in make menuconfig and see if it is selected to be built or not. If it is, then look to see if it is failing during compile time.

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I cloned trunk and am getting ready for a new build.. I searched menuconfig and no package called "rtl-sdr" exists.

Where in the OpenWrt/Lede repository did you find rtl-sdr? Is it in "packages"?


EDIT I searched through Packages, LuCi, base, routing and telephony in the repository with zero hits.

Perhaps you shortened the name?

Under Utilities

That's the link to the package, and that is the repo I added to obtain the package and dump1090. However I've since upgraded to the 5-11 build.

Thank you for checking into this.

David, thanks for taking the time to include something not many will use. Busy day, however shortly I will reply with link. Took me a minute to find the repo that contained it...

Thanks --- Yes, found it under Utilities -- "Software Defined Radio with Realtek"

Was already set to compile. I'll keep an eye on it, and see if it builds or not.

This package -- rtl-sdr --- failed to compile. Just a fYI ---

Thank you David. The one from the repo I sent you works. I've confirmed that on your build.

looks to be fix is in the pipe