Question on mesh wifi setup

Hi All,

Need some advice on mesh wifi setup. I am complete newbie on network. Rite now i have a WRT1200ac with Openwrt Davidc502 r13342, this is connected with ISP modem as primary, it is located in living room. The second router is Linksys Velop WHW01 with official firmware with lan connection with Primary router, located in bedroom (with poor signal from WRT1200).

Since Velop's selling point is mesh wifi, is there a way to fully utilize it with WRT1200? My goal is to boost the wifi signal in bedroom or allow all the devices use the same wifi SSID without reconnecting.

I know there are quite a lot similar cases in the forum but seems too hard for newbie like me, thx in advance.

Given that you have a wired ethernet connection between your router/ wrt1200ac and the AP/ velop, you don't need any meshing functionality and just configure it as simple AP (disabling DHCP/ DHCPv6). This is effectively the ideal situation, better than what's touted as 'mesh' by the various manufacturers.

Thx for the suggestion, the method you mentioned is dump AP after google. But sad velop official firmware provide only a bridge mode which disabling of dhcp and firewall is not allowed....