Question - Obsolete updates, wanting to update to obsolete


After running an update check; it seems very old updates want to update to something newer, though the update to the update is obsolete (looking at the dates)

Why has the old update not been added into the base OpenWRT Firmware before the last release, very dubious of these random update packages with obsolete dates. Im questioning security of Open WRT again.Though more trusted than my ISP`s Firmware.

These packages have only been picked up from the current release. See attached

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From what I understand the package update feature is still being developed and isn't quite ready for use yet, if you need to update it's recommended to install the latest full stable release for now.

This question could do with a complete reword...
Anyway, it's trying to install the -4 version on top of -3.
-4 was only committed to the repo on 28th May. How do you expect an update from a week ago to be included in a release from 3 months ago? :upside_down_face:

It is important to consider the entire version string.
2019-06-16 is the date of the upstream commit (i think...).
4df34a4d is the hash of that upstream commit (shortened version)
-3 (and -4) are the package release variables, which increment from 1 to X for minor changes. For major changes (i.e. the package date changes), it would reset back to 1.


I agree Lantis1008; Im quite tired when writing this, though as you have explained "You got the gist".

A week ago ? Maybe you havent noticed the year.

Right i see your logic, though the filing structure is illogical then, as it would be a revision of 2019, with an update of todays year, though it is not. Why have an update with an incorrect year?

Please correct me.

Yes, a week ago:

…and this would be so much easier if you'd use copy'n'paste for the text, rather than taking and image:

You have installed:
ubox 2019-06-16-4df34a4d-3

which is going to be upgraded to:
ubox 2019-06-16-4df34a4d-4

The upstream version "2019-06-16-4df34a4d" is the same in both cases, only the OpenWrt buildrevision changes.


No probs. Last resort forum answers.

Thank you for your input.

No worries. My main point was I had to read the question probably a dozen times to understand what you were having trouble with.
Got there in the end, but might scare off some otherwise very helpful users on the forum!

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