Question for Filesystem and 5Ghz on tplink archer c6 v3.2

I see that you are running v23.05.0 and use VHT160 for the 5-GHz wifi. What may happen is that the performance on that frequency is bad enough that devices switch to 2.4-GHz instead.

My assumption is based on this thread (which ofc compares ac to ax but might have merit): [Solved] 802.11ax worse than 802.11ac with mt76 driver? - #443 by Anteus

You could try to change the frequency away from VHT160 and check if anything changes. Or you could upgrade to a snapshot, since the issues seem to have been fixed since August. If I read the latest posts in v23.05.2 release thread correctly there'll be a v23.05.3 release shortly, which would enable you to stick with VHT160 after upgrading, too.

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