Question about the use and implications of bridge devices

Hi again,
As part of my project to deliver connection to a cattle shed, I've decided to use batman-adv across my home network as shown in Marc's youtube video.

However, I've reached the part of the video ( Where I am to add a second batman interface for the wired portions of my network.
In this part, Marc uses a bridge device called br-mgmt.. but this gave me some concern about what exactly a bridge device is.

My first thought for what to do in this situation was to create a bridge device including the VLANs I need together- Just two in my case. So for example, having my trusted lan interface 0.4 and my guest lan interface 0.11 both checked in the box.

But I'm concerned about the security implications of this. Yes, it would associate these two interfaces with the batman interface, but would it also associate themselves with each other?

For example, would a setup like this make the two interfaces being seperated for security reasons redundant? Would it allow connections to pass between the guest and secure lan areas unhindered?

Thanks if anyone can help clear up my concerns.

Still looking for any answer to this, apologies if I'm not supposed to bump.

Yes, generally speaking all interfaces you put within the bridge will be able to talk to each other and be part of the same broadcast domain.

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