Question about LTE Modem

I'm looking to purchase one of the LTE modem's listed here: and use them with my SIM card and connect to my computer with ethernet. Apart from installing OpenWRT, is there any additional configuration I need to do to get the SIM card to provide internet?

You can find all information that you need here:

The problem is, that Huawei stops to sell 'good' modems, now only 320 is available, which can not be fully configured.

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  • by tmomas

you should be able to buy a supported unlocked model on eBay.

not a modem, but an AiO solution could be the ZTE MF286D, they are sold pretty cheap (<50€).
I've been able to reach (if my memory doesn't fail me) some 220 mbit (with the stock fw),
using one, and that was not in an optimal spot for mobile data reception.