Question about kernel version in master

Master snapshots use kernel 5.10 which is a longterm. This kernel is updated once or twice a week by the Linux devs, and than included in OpenWrt master a few days later.

I'm running several devices on snapshots, so I'm checking new releases on a daily basis. Unless there are a lot of updates, I'm delaying a new flash until a kernel bump. I have noticed that some kernel versions are released several times, I am wondering why.

Please browse this dir.
For example, there are two 5.10.113 dirs. The initial .113 dir was created when the kernel initially bumped to .113. Why is there a second .113 dir a few days later?
Is the second dir created because a lot of kernel patches have been released since? Or a lot of kmods patches? Therefore that justifies a new compilation of the same kernel version?

Thank you.

The kernel ABI doesn't merely depend on the upstream version, but also on the configuration and applied patches. As a rough rule of thumb, it may change with each individual build (so ~daily).


Ok it was basically what I had in mind. Thank you for that very fast answer.

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