Question about how you intiate Wifi

hi there. - I know you do not have to support my question as it is related to a Hybrid version of Openwrt-- so that I could get better GPio controll and hardware access on an Orange Pi -- I overlayed openwrt 18.06 on top of armbian uboot kernel..

everything works fine but the wireless- at first i would only scan but you could not create an access point to connect it to an access point.. but I got the AP portion to work I just needed to install hostapd. now I can create a AP..

but I really wanted to run it in client mode .. would anyone have a suggestion how to get it to run as client

In the Linux world, the standard wireless client is called wpa-supplicant. And in a standard OpenWrt installation, it is configured at "/etc/config/wireless". Does this answer your question?

This is the wiki article to do that