Question about how to upgrade memory chip in Archer C6

How to change memory chip?

Is your inquiry related to the original topic?

If so explain how changing the memory chip will help the original poster?

If this is another issue, feel free to make a new post.

I've split this into a new topic since it seemed unrelated to the previous one.=

@triangle please clarify what you are trying to do. It sounds like you're asking how to replace the flash memory chip IC in the Archer C6. Is that true?

If that is what you want to do, you'll need to have experience in (or be willing to learn) the following areas:

  • soldering of surface mount devices
  • direct programming a memory chip from its blank/default state with a specific chip programmer
  • possibly modifying code and recompiling OpenWrt to take advantage of the additional space (depending on what size flash chip you want to use).

Please clarify.

…and the equipment (soldering iron, -tin, -flux, solder wick, spi-nor writer, soic clamp) necessary will cost you more than a new archer c6 would right now (meaning you could find a better device with sufficient specs for the same- or less money).

If you already own all of the above, great.
If you want to start a new hobby and are willing to spend that money on it, great.
…but if your only intention is to upgrade this single device now, it's going to end up more expensive than a good device.

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